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Our Services

SelfharmUK offers a number of different services. This page gives you an overview of what we do…


SelfharmUK runs an innovative 6-week online programme for anyone aged 14-18 who would like the opportunity to engage with our staff and be challenged to think differently about self-harm. Safe, equipping and empowering. Young people can self-refer to Alumina and it is completely free of charge. If you want more information, get in touch.

Parents Alumina

Our latest support programme is a similar version of Alumina, but for parents of young people self-harming. Parents will have opportunity for group learning and peer support through ‘Parent’s Alumina’. Together you will learn why young people self-harm, how to communicate with your child about it, how to ensure safety, working with school and mental health teams positively, be able to ask questions and receive support from the SelfharmUK team as well as other parents. Sessions will run weekly, daytime and an evening session, for an hour. You will require internet access – phone, laptop or your local library computer – to be able to participate.

The sessions will be run online by a qualified counsellor with resources written by the SelfharmUK team who are highly skilled at supporting families of young people self-harming.

You will need to sign up via Alumina Live on our Alumina page.

If you want to know more before you sign up, please email Jo Fitzsimmons.


SelfharmUK regularly runs in-house and regional training events in a variety of settings across the UK. Our events are designed to equip anyone who wants to know more about self-harm and how to best support someone. 

Speaking & Conferences

SelfharmUK has experienced speakers available to deliver seminars, speeches and workshops at conferences across the UK. For more information or to make an enquiry, please email us.