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Why innovate in youth work?

Young people meet, think and congregate completely differently to the way they did just 25 years ago. Youth work needs to find ways of keeping up.

Martin Saunders Martin Saunders

Theology of Innovation

Innovation is theological: a vital improvisation in the midst of a divine drama. Youth work needs this theology so it can be inventive, reflective, and kept free from despair.

Dr Lucie Moore Dr Lucie Moore

Our newest innovations

Meet the Innovation Team

Meet the Innovation Team

Our Innovation Team works alongside our Research and Luton-based teams to develop new approaches to youth work and innovative resources.

04 Oct, 2019
Case Studies

Case Studies

So what does Innovation actually look like? Here's real-life examples of products we've tried and tested through our Innovation process, and what we learned on the way.

Martin Saunders 04 Mar, 2019
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