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Emergency Help

We can’t be there in person to help and support you in a moment of crisis, but there are other options available to you if you can’t turn to someone you trust. By giving us your postcode (or one nearby to where you are right now) we can let you know about services in your area. Remember: this moment will pass; you won’t always feel the way you do right now. 

If in doubt always call 999.

You can also sign up to Alumina, our online support for mental health and wellbeing here: 





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Please read the following before you contact us for media requests

SelfharmUK is committed to raising awareness around all aspects of self-harm and the loneliness, isolation and despair young people can suffer during these times. The young people we work with often have other struggles and vulnerabilities that they are dealing with, and we may not be able to contribute to all media requests. SelfharmUK team members are available to contribute where needed.

The young people we work with are often under the age 16 and therefore there are child protection restrictions in using them, we also are an organisation that treats disclosures of young people who are self-harming with the utmost sensitivity, discretion and respect. Therefore, we may not always be able to provide you with case studies, and if we do young people will often ask to take part anonymously. Please be aware that the more time we have as an organisation the more likely we will be able to help you. Case studies will only be found if you intend to include a SelfharmUK spokesperson, if you already have a spokesperson, please contact them for appropriate support with case studies. Radio is a good medium for young people to take part in as it allows them to not been seen and their names can be changed, within written media, young people will often not want their real identity used and may not agree to photographs.

We only encourage responsible reporting, and this extends to the use of imagery. We actively discourage unhelpful pictures of arms, injuries and razor blades, these can cause distress to people struggling with self-harm. Use of these images can end up appearing on pro self-harm forums and this means we are unable to run links or endorse articles to our users.