words hurt

if you call people:

ugly, fat, skinny, ugly, bitch, slut, slag, whore, worthless, stupid, loser, freak, scum-bag, dumbass and lots more im not gonna name them all as there is loads. but all this names hurt i know this as i have gone through it and know people that have you dont know but one name can cause people to selfharm and make them feel like shit. names can hurt them even is you are joking you dont know what they are going through. so what i am trying to say is think before you call someone a name because you dont know how much it can hurt them and what they might do


thanks for reading

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By: Tabi

on: 04.03.15

Thanks for sharing this. Its really true words can really damage us!
I think its important to be able to refer to the encouraging or kind words that people have said about us in the past so we can think about those to try and use as a distraction from self harm.