Hello. My name is Evie. I am 16 years old and I used to self harm.It all started when I was 13, with the death of my Grandma. I became very down and I hardly slept. I was very affected by the loss. To make it worse, my dad was recovering from a serious illness and I was very tired and very stressed over looking after him, my little sister, and my mum. My Grandma's death added to what I was feeling, and within a few weeks, I found myself stood in my bathroom with a pencil sharpener blade in one hand. I knew friends that also self harmed, and at the time I thought I deserved a little physical pain to block out some of the emotional pain. I only made small scratches. Only one or two.But that wasnt the last time.Over the next few years I was bullied, I developed serious anxiety, and I had a huge fall out with one of my best friends.I was left extremely affected by everything that had happened to me. And I was alone with it. At one point I was told countless times to kill myself. Even by someone I loved.I only told a very close friend about what I did to myself. Honestly, I wish I'd told more.But at the start of 2015 I realised that I couldnt do it to myself any longer.I promised myself, and my friends, that I would stop.I distracted myself by talking on online group chats about it, and spending more time with my family going here and there for the day.And I am proud do say I am almost 10 months clean.I helped my friends through depression and some very serious situations, and it is my aim to help more.I know it is hard, but you are capable of so much more than you know.I love you and Im thinking of you xxxEvie x

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