my experiences with self harmit all started in july 2014,i already had extreamly low self confidence, i was bulied in primary for the way i looked, when i came to secondary school, the people who bullied me grew up. i was all happy untill the last week of the first year in secondary school. then the names were back, and people would call me fat and ugly, i got really sad and hated my self, i started cutting and stpped eating, when i came back to school for the second year, i still wasnt stick thin but i wasnt as fat as i used to be, i kept all of my feelings in and to this day i am still batteling with these problems, i still think im ugly and fat, and no one will ever change my mind, my parents now know about my cutting, i told them i stopped but i cant.

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By: Tabi

on: 04.08.15

Thank you for sharing your story, we are really sorry that you experienced bullying- its such a horrible thing to experience.
We do really believe that things could change for you, but sometimes its really helpful to start by chatting to someone like a GP that is able to recommend and direct you towards some specific help for you.
We also have our alumina course starting back in September so you could sign up to those and see if that would be helpful?
Best wishes