Hi my name is Lauren and I am seventeen years old. My story will hopefully inspire those of all ages who want to find a light through there mental health issues. My story began at the beginning of adolescene, at age fourteen my dad began to use alcohol as a way of coping with his breakdown of his present relationship and became very depressed. When my dad, wasnt depressed he used to hurtle words of un kindness which made me feel worthless about myself, this started to encourage negative thoughts, which lead to a long journey of battling deppression and self harm issues. I never thought I would become severely un happy with myself, or having to isolate my problems from others and this made me un happy and deppressed. Whilst battling with self harm, I also juggled with the way I looked and this is quite an issue still today. During my worst I started starving myself, for weeks at a time and calculating my calorie intake and this lead to me becoming obssesed with my portions and what I was eating on a regular basis. Many times, I battled with the negative thoughts that would circle in my head believing that my voices were real and this lead to me becoming extremely parinod of my surroundings. I battled this pain for two years, recieveing the end of my fathers words and battling with my voices. Many times Ive thought of ending my life, but today Ive decided to tell my story to inspire my generation to get help. I kept my problems to myself, for almost a year and I finally had the courage to reach out to someone who understood how I felt. If you are reading this and you think you need support, seek through a health professional who can give you the right advice. Speak out if you want to be heard, like myself I reached out because I wanted to end my pain and suffering. I feel like If I hadnt seeked help, I dont think I would be here typing this message. My name is Lauren and I am seventeen years old, I seeked help three years ago to help me battle my demons and today the future looks bright. Three years on and I can look back on this and say that I am still recovering, from my past but what doesnt kill you makes you stronger and I believe that everyone can recover from self harm.

If I have inspired you today... reply to my message :)

Lauren x

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By: coco

on: 06.12.14

Thank you Lauren this was quit emotional :) xoxox