It all started on the 16th of November this year, I'd been feeling pretty rubbish and due to the after effects of bullying, it led me to this, it hasn't been long since I started and it hasn't been long since I realised I needed to tell someone. Thankfully they led me to this site, I wanted you guys to know that, all of us on this site hurt one way or another. And we are all in pretty much the same situation, coping or cutting, managing or failing. I've done it a total of 6 times, it may not seem like long but recently I did it on my thigh and leg, I know it's going to cause scars but it shows that I am strong, You guys are all strong too!! One day my dream is to help people like you, like me to have a better future and to actually have a future because in the end that's all what we deserve xxx

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By: Cheyenne_Alison

on: 15.01.15

I just want to say that this brought a smile to my face. It feels nice knowing that I can relate to people on here.

By: Grace2000

on: 19.01.15

It feels great that someone understands what I am going through and I hope this site is helping you as much as it is helping me.

The Author:

on: 19.03.15

thankyou :) for your comments they bought smile to my face