is there any scientific reason behind why i like the scars that my self harming makes? is it because the reason that i self harm is that i deserve the punishment for all the pain that i cause everyone else in my life ad that its the only way which i relieve the stress of the guilt of my actions?im just curious

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 11.11.16

Sorry to hear things are tough, it sounds to me like you are struggling with some of your own thoughts a lot at the moment and it would be worth getting some help around that. Have you spoken to your GP about the things you are feeling? In terms of liking your scars, some people as they heal and get better use their scars as a reminder of where they have been and how well they have coped, it sounds to me like you need to speak about the feelings you have for yourself in order to begin to recover. Hope this helps, stay strong. Ruth