What to do when I see someone that makes me cut

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By: Tabi

on: 29.06.16

Thanks for messaging us. This is a really tricky situation becuase you have to go out and keep living your life but understandably you don’t want to bump into this person.

I guess the first question is to ask why they make you want to do that is it something they’ve done or said. If it’s the latter, then perhaps you can think about the truth of what they’ve said. People can often be mean to us and it can be crushing but usually it has little to do with the way things are and what they say can be rubbish yet we let it affect us. Can you do some positive talking to yourself (it sounds silly but can really work). Counter their words with your own truths.

If they’ve done something to you don’t shoulder that alone, you need to find an adult you can trust and let them support you to find a way forward…it could just be your Dr, they’re used to listening to peoples difficulties and helping them find solutions.

Can you also have a think about other distractions you could use so that you don’t need to cut….what are your emotions? If they make you angry punch a pillow or pound a ball, if they make you feel bad about yourself spend some time doing stuff that makes you feel good.

Exploring our feelings - often with the help of a friend - can give us suggestions about how to find ways forwards. Good luck.