Hi, I'm 13, and I'm struggling with self-harm and anxiety.I want to get help, but I don't want anyone to know, because people judge you... and my mother would never forgive me,But I still want to get help for myself. I hate doing this to myself, but I don't know what to do.Any advice?Thanks, Lisa

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 21.12.16

Hi Lisa

Thanks for getting in touch with us, so sorry to hear you are struggling with your self-harm, getting help is the hardest thing to do and can take the most amount of time. But, it can be the best thing people very do. Have you thought about journaling or writing down how you feel about your self-harm? Sometimes it can help and can clarity any patterns there may be. The GP is a good place to start, but at 13 you would need an adult present. Is there someone at school you could talk to? hope this helps, it is a big step but will be worth it in the end. Ruth

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