I'm 15 and am in yr 11 and today I got called in to see the schools child protection officer and someone had told her I'm suicidal and self harm. She then said that I most probably have depression and need to get it sorted. She said that she's most probably going to tell my parents but when they find out they will act negatively about urban and just make it all worse. She said that unless there is another I can sort it out she is going to tell my parents. What should I do? I'm scared that she will tell people it look at me differently now. I don't know what to do.

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By: SophieEast

on: 17.02.17

My school told my mother about my self harm when I was 15. It terrified me, but it also meant that my mother knew and could try to help. It is to be expected that parents will react negatively, but it does not mean that they will not help or will not talk to you. Even just talking about problems with someone can help you in immeasurable ways.
Perhaps if you go and see a professional such as a doctor, she may accept this as you getting help, especially if she believes they are helping you ‘sort it out’.
Nobody looked at me differently after they found out, everyone was just concerned for my welfare as I am sure they will be for you. Hopefully she won’t tell anyone if you ask her not to, but if she does, it does not change who you are or the person people see when they look at you.

I hope everything gets sorted and you get the help you need. Try to think of this as an opportunity to get help and not a problem. All the best.

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