I have several scars on arm from harming from my years ago when time was difficult is there any treatments or even something to lessen the noticeble of them always had to wear long sleeves and it would be nice to finally be able to wear short sleeves again especially when hot weather's hope someone can help or point in right direction

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By: livsmith

on: 07.09.16

You can have homemade remedys or creams to help the scars fade. Kelo-cote advanced formula scar gel is a good 9/10 creme for making scars go away or you can look up some homemade ones, but make sure you apply sunscreen when you go out

By: skyeford14

on: 11.09.16

well I used bio oil for my self inflicted scars although its not a miracle worker and they will never go permanently it does decrease the noticeability of the scars

By: skyeford14

on: 11.09.16

bio oil works wonders

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