Hello everyone, I have a important situation that I need help on. I have a best friend, she's super happy and bubbly all the time. But she's been kinda different in the past couple weeks. But it's too small for anyone to notice. The other day we were hanging out and she had a wrap over her wrist, I asked her what happened and she said she "fell". I knew she lied to me, I asked other friends about it and they all confirmed they have seen cuts on her wrist. Now I don't know what to do. We are all underage and her family gives her a hard time. Is it possible to help her without having parents find out? Or can I help her without her knowing I know? I just need to help her but also be discreet about it. I know if she knew others knew, she'd be humiliated. Sometimes she complains about her body weight and she doesn't like her family. Please help !!

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 15.09.16


Thanks for contacting us here at SelfharmUK, trying to support our friends can be really difficult and can become stressful in itself. Your friend needs to get help when she feels ready and forcing her to do so may not be the best thing. Try and support and listen as best you can and try not to try and force her to stop harming. Encouraging her to go to her GP may be a good start or asking her if anyone else knows about the things you are concerned about. Are you able to encourage her to talk to someone at school? The best way you can help is to try and listen as best you can to things that are going on for her.