Hello, My name is Alex. I am 13 years old. Some people think I'm too young to feel like I feel, which is broken, useless, worthless, ugly, and stupid. People call me that and worse, but that's not the problem. The problwm is that I believe what they say. These emotions that I can't even describe leads me to starving myself most of the time. No one notices this becasue on the outside my friends and family members know me as shy, sazrcastic, and strong. No one knows how I feel but, I don't exactly know how to bring it up to someone without disappointing them or them saying that I have no reason to feel that way. What I'm asking is how do I stop feeling broken and how do I have these horrible feelings taken away?

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 05.08.16

Hi Alex, I am so sorry to hear the things you feel about yourself and I would say to deal with the feelings you have you really need to talk to someone who knows you about this stuff. It is so important that you have as much support as you can for the things you are feeling. Is there anyone at school or in your family that you would feel able to tell? How about writing things down or just showing someone this post, so you don’t have to say the things you are feeling out loud? Maybe keep a diary and give it to someone to read that your feel you maybe able to trust.