Hi,I stopped self-harming about 2 months ago and although I know its good, i don't really feel that way. I just feel incomplete. I can't find an emotional reason for feeling this way, things just seem too perfect without it. I know that sounds messed up! I am worried i am at the beginning of an eating disorder too. I hate eating too much and can't imagine eating more or telling anyone. I am losing a lot of weight and restricting a lot or purging. What can i do to stop this? or to change my mindset? as right now my whole body tells me i can't eat more or i'll get fat. I'm travelling for a year. is it possible to get help abroad?Thank you to anyone who reads this or replies!

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 15.09.16


2 months is such a short amount of time, be patient with yourself and don’t rush yourself to “feel healed”. You talking about things feeling too perfect without self-harm does not sound messed up, it sounds like you know yourself well and you are wanting to explore why life feels empty without self-harm. We have a book on our resources page called self-harm the path to recovery and we also have some info about eating disorders. You may want to take a look. Try not to rush yourself and be patient where you can.