I'm nearly 15 now, and ive been depressed for around a year, and I have had problems with self harm for around 9/10 months now. I have scars on my left wrist that spell out words like "freak" and "slut", and the same thing on my thighs and ankles. I managed to not self harm for the first couple of weeks of august, then I started again, and then I went back to school and it got worse again. I don't want people to know I'm self harming again, but I don't want to stop. I like my scars in a weird and twisted way, and theres part of my brain that wants more scars which is really messed up and I'm not sure why. I think it might be so that people take me seriously when I tell them i'm mentally ill. anyway, I want to know if there are any ways to be able to hide a self harm addiction from people you see every day, or in my school uniform in P.E etc.

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 16.10.16

Hi, thanks for getting in touch with us, have you had a chat with your GP about the things you are feeling, that can often be a good place to start, it’s important that when you feel ready you try and get some support around the things you are feeling. Sometimes with scars, they can become part of us and a part of us that no-one else understands, this can be why people start to like them and they feel a comfort for them.

I would really recommend you see your GP or try and talk to someone about the things you are feeling.