I have been self harming for three years now and have had help and have tried to stop many times but nothing has worked I need some advice

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 15.09.16

I am sorry to hear stopping harming has been difficult for you, have you been to you GP for advice and support? What support have you had the past? Is there anything you feel that is triggering you to harm? Be patient with yourself and remember it is a long slow journey to recovery.

By: Hussey

on: 03.01.17

I’ve by and by endured with self harm and when I was hoping to stop I found the connection underneath exceptionally helpful. In the event that I were you, I recommend attempting to discover help, whether its conversing with an educator you trust or finding an advisor or Essay Help UK only an exceptionally strong companion its great to have a system of individuals set up you can go to when you feel the desire to self damage. I know it can be troublesome discussing it as well, in the connection it has a few proposals on the most proficient method to discuss it.