My best friend, the most important person in this world to me, is in a hospital because he threatened to do something. I don't think he actually did anything, but I wasn't there, so I'm not sure. He's getting released today, and he should be back in school tomorrow.How can I help him in the future?I'm familiar with causes of self harm and such. I don't know exactly what reasons he threatened this. He's only mentioned it one other time, and I talked him down. I just want to be sure in my ability to help him. I need to know what I'm going to do or say before I need to do it.I've thought about doing something before, but never actually done it. If he ends up dying or close to it, then I'm not sure what I'll do. We're both 16 years old, if that information helps.Thanks, LostOne1999

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By: Nickay97xo

on: 07.12.16

Hi, i have recently been in your friends position, and i have also been in your position in the past with one of my old best friends back when i was attending school. To help your friend in the future, try and spot when something isn’t right, and if he assures you, or trys to assure you that everything is okay, or he is feeling ‘fine’ (the biggest lie in the book) and you still arent 100% sure that he is telling you the truth, then think about who he would confide in the most? maybe, a parent, a sibling, someone close to him, just let them know that you are worried about him, and that you dont think the way he is acting is correct for him.. Everyoe, hits their low points in life, where they feel like death is the only answer, i have been there, im still there, but im fighting it, i am 19 years old, but i have been through this since the age of 12, a very young age, and really, talking to someone does help, try and make him feel like he has people to talk to, like he can count on people, try and dig a little, see if he is being bullied? in person, or online, usually, when someone is being bullied online, they will keep it quiet, and they will try and push it off, but it will get too much, i dont know if any of this can help, but i hope it can, even just a little.

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