I want to talk to my mum and tell her I have been self harming but I can't find the right time or words and I'm worried she will be angry at me. I'm 15 and only live with my mum.

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By: SophieEast

on: 17.02.17

It is great that you have someone who you want to reach out to. Unfortunately, it is never going to be easy and there may never be a ‘right time’ to tell her. My own mother found out through my school which was actually a lot easier on me I believe.
Perhaps there is someone not as close to you that you could tell, who could tell her for you.
If not, you should try to make sure you are at home in a comfortable space, where you have time to talk about the issues at hand and where you have privacy and safety.
Start by talking about the problems you are having, and if you feel comfortable, move on to talking about the self harm. If you then feel you can’t go through with telling her, at least she may be able to help with the root of the issue.
Sometimes people feel like their parents won’t understand or will be angry. Sometimes going to see a doctor and talking about the issue helps so when you eventually tell your mother, she will see that you have been trying to get help and not suffering alone.
The thing my mother found hardest to confront was the fact that I felt I couldn’t talk to her about my problems or self harming, so hopefully the fact you feel there is a chance that you can talk to her, will benefit you both.

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