Hi,I have self harm scars and cuts and I was wondering how to hide them from my parents who don't know about it. It's also coming up to summer so it's going to be hotter and wearing lomg sleeves will be uncomfortable but I feel like this is my only option.Any advice on what I should do?Thanks

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By: Tabi

on: 29.06.16

Thanks for emailing us ...it’s really hard isnt it. If people dont know you’re harming it’s a lot of pressure to hide the truth…One thing you should do is look after your skin, things like bio oil or vitamin e oil can really help scars to receded and if you want to stay covered try and wear as loose fitting sleeves as possible.  It would maybe be worth thinking about how you could tell your parents or a trusted adult - esp your dr - to try and find different ways to cope with the things that make you want to harm….we all have rubbish in our lives and need to learn new ways to handle it throughout our lives no matter how young or old we are.

Here are two links to articles from this website from people who have been through what you’re facing this summer, hope they help.



By: bubblebum84

on: 06.08.16

I feel your pain. I don’t harm any more but I am left with permanent scars from those moments of madness when I went too deep! Hopefully that hasn’t happened to you yet. It’s a constant struggle to keep them hidden and avoid that dreaded question, “What happened to your arms??” Especially on hot days!
I have tried every cover up makeup there is and the only thing I can advise is Derma Wax, the makeup used for special effects.
I would also strongly advise seeing your GP about depression medication as the self harming will only continue to be a cause of anxiety in the future as it has been for me. If you don’t want to go to the doctor, can I suggest the next time you feel like cutting, do some cardio exercise instead? I have found it so helpful in releasing that built up tension and calming me down.