I found out my girlfriend self harms by cutting her skin and starving herself. She is very open with me about it and after a while I found out she has an instagram account where she posted her cuts and some other pics where she claimed to be fat (despite the fact she is severely underweight). I managed to make her delete all the posts and unfollow most of the blogs that may "trigger her" and now she is using this account as a diary where she tells about her day, but she keeps writing about being fat and using tags such as "Suicidal", "Depression" and so on (and she doesn't know I can read her posts now, since I am not supposed to read her new diary). Now my question is: should I tell her to just stop using this account? I am pretty sure she would do that for me but I don't know whether that would be too much of a forcing to her. I am worried she could still get triggered by some images or even encouraged by people to self harm.

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 29.07.16

Firstly well done for wanting to get some clarity about what is the best thing to do for your girlfriend, what we have to remember is self-harm is a coping mechanism for other things that are going on and to force your girlfriend to stop posting these things may lead her to using other mechanisms to cope. I think the best thing to do is to talk to her about how worried you about the things she is posting. Maybe try and encourage her to go and see her GP and talk a out how she is feeling. The best thing you can do is show that whilst you don’t like that she is harming herself, you are there to listen and support as much as you can. There is a great charity called Beat who will be able to offer advice and support around eating disorders.

By: bruno99

on: 01.01.17

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