How do I find the courage to tell my mum and others that I've started self harming again?, even after receiving help from mum, my therapist, psychiatrists, even an emergency mental health team that came to my house. They keep telling me to use mindfulness and/or try to think of the thoughts as things that have no power over my actions, but it is not working. I know there is no miracle cure but I've found talking already helps my depression, but I am scared of how people are going to react. I was only experimenting a few days ago, seeing if it had any effect like it did months back when I first started cutting, and it did, it made me feel a lot better, but while my mood is a lot better, I can't stop thinking of the razor and needle I have kept secret from everyone. Anyway, onto another point, I have in the past used the power of will to overcome my suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self harm, but at the moment I lack the motivation and inspiration to be able to do it. I know talking will help, but I don't want to burden anyone unnecessarily, as I know I can beat this! (with help of course, but only from select people). Does anyone think they can help me find my courage, motivation and inspiration? (I only ask as I only just realised these questions are public)

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