ive lost my appetite and cant eat,i also feel down alot,i try not to cut but i want too

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By: Lillie

on: 22.06.16

So sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so low and that its now affecting you physically. I wonder have you been able to see your Dr at all? I know it can be really hard to talk about these things sometimes but your GP is used to these kinds of things and can investigate why you may be experiencing this.

Sometimes feeling low needs addressing with medication or sometimes through finding someone skilled in these areas to talk to. 

Maybe you feel you don’t need to see a Dr but actually finding an adult you can trust at school or a relative, could help.  Can you look at why these feelings started or maybe you need help to sort out a certain area of life that is hard at the moment.

The Alumina course, it might help you discover why you’re feeling some of these things and ways to cope with your emotions….you can find it here. http://alumina.selfharm.co.uk/