I'm 17 and I've cut (pretty minor cuts, but still painful and could possibly scar) a few times recently including today. It's partly because I get so upset that I take out the anger on myself but it's mainly because I'm hoping someone will see the cuts and give me support. I watch all my friends open up about their feelings all the time and I'm so jealous because I feel so uncomfortable about talking about my feelings that I have to resort to this. Is there any other way I can deal with my anger/sadness/loneliness without having to talk to someone or hurt myself?

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 11.11.16

Hi thanks for getting in touch with us, its really hard to talk about your feelings and to open up and some people can find it better to write things down. Have you thought about keeping a journal or diary to help you think and articulate your feelings? This can be very therapeutic as can art and drawing. When we are angry, sometimes writing down the things that make us feel that way and ripping or screwing them up can help. Hope these ideas help you. Ruth