Pls, help me i dont know why i cut, but i like the way it feels. could you say why is it so ?

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By: Nickay97xo

on: 07.12.16

Hi, as a self-harmer myself, i completely understand when you say, you ’ like the way it feels’.. The only explanation i seemed to notice myself, was that putting myself through the physical pain, took away all the emotional pain i was feeling, it was as if i was giving myself a little breather from feeling everything emotionally.. but, if you don’t have any emotional pain to flow free by giving yourself physical harm, then maybe you should try talking to someone who is a professional, there are many different ways to control how you feel rather than self harm, i experienced, that it may feel good at the time and relieve you from certain things, but there will always be a scar/s there to remind you of the physical and emotional pain you were feeling whilst doing them, i hope this helps you even just a little.

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