i have started cutting recently but the skin around the scab after is very dry and ich i dont know what to do and what will hapen if i was to cut over a scab and how do i know if there ready to come off

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By: amelialord

on: 06.07.16

Hello, I get that you an be a bit worried about cutting over a scab but its okay nothing bad will happen unless you go too deep you may get a little bit more blood but other than that there’s not much else that will happen obviously clean it after as you don’t want it to get infected.

By: MaryJane

on: 27.08.16

Hey there,
Its not the best place to cut but I will happen nothing bad. It may happen that the scar will be worse if it’s cut several times. It is important to clean all wounds to prevent an infection.

The scab is slowly ready to be peeled off when it stars itching but please be careful there might me places that arent healed already. If you want to get rid of it, go swimming or taking a bath and the scab will get smooth and easy to peel off.

Best wishes