ive had depression for about two years now,since i was eleven,and im always sad and have bad breakdowns,usually crying and want to cut,i also find it hard talking to people, what should i do?

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By: Lillie

on: 22.06.16

Thanks for having the courage to reach out and talk to us, this is a major step and you should be very proud of yourself for this. You don’t say whether you’ve been to see your GP or not but this would be a good first step.

Depression can often be to do with our brain chemicals and sometimes we need medication to level these out. Sometimes we just need to talk to someone about things that are going on for us and your doctor can put you in touch with someone professional who can help. You don’t say whether you are a boy or a girl and if it’s the latter your hormones could have a role to play and again your doctor could help with this.

Talking may feel like a difficult thing to do but it can make a massive difference, can you find someone you trust? At school, a grown up relative or friend…if you can ask someone to support you as you try and find your own solutions that will be most helpful.

You could look at our online Alumina course, it might help you discover why you’re feeling some of these things and ways to cope with your emotions….you can find it here. http://alumina.selfharm.co.uk/

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.