So I cut myself for the first time and told my boyfriend over messenger straight after and he got very mad at me. He told me it was a stupid thing to do and that he thought I was smarter than this. He said he actually thought about cutting before but he didn't because he knew it was stupid, but that doesn't make sense because if he knows how it feels to want to cut then why doesn't he understand how I feel? Anyway, I promised him I'd never cut again but I did it again today and I feel like I can't tell him now because he'll get even more mad since I promised. I don't feel comfortable telling any of my friends because i just don't have that kind of relationship with any of them. I have no idea what to do, the only person I feel comfortable telling would get mad at me if I told him!!

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By: Ruth Ayres

on: 11.11.16

So sorry to hear about the tough time you are having, I would encourage you if you feel able enough to talk to your GP or another person in your life. It sounds like you would like to stop cutting and there are places and people that can help. We run an online recovery programme for people who self harm and you can sign up here just try to talk to someone about it as that’s how you will begin to move forward. Stay strong, Ruth