I started self harming in year 7 , and slowing it got worse and worse. My mum has suspected it before and I just played it of saying I never did anything but she's shouted at me saying " You better not be hurting yourself , because if you do that there's something wrong in your head " My mums a nice person when she's not angry , and she does everything she can to get by. I can't deal with this anymore , I need help but I can't tell my mum. She has dealt with depression and anxiety since the age of 10 and she's stressed about life. This would just put another thing on her mind to deal with. And my dads just not worth even thinking about telling . He wouldn't do anything , he wouldn't know what to do . I'm lost , I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do anymore . I'm currently doing my gcse courses and I can't deal with all the this stuff going on in my head as well as school .

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