Our Services

SelfharmUK offers a number of different services. This page gives you an overview of what we do…


SelfharmUK regularly runs in-house and regional training events in a variety of settings across the UK. Our events are designed to equip anyone who wants to know more about self-harm and how to best support someone. For more info:

training.selfharm.co.uk | training@selfharm.co.uk

You can download our training brochure at the bottom of the page. 

Speaking & Conferences

SelfharmUK has experienced speakers available to deliver seminars, speeches and workshops at conferences across the UK.

For more information or to make an enquiry, please email:



SelfharmUK is happy to work with the media and has been involved with a large number of features over the past 4 years including radio, television and printed press. Please read our media page before contacting us for case studies and support with work in the Media. 


SelfharmUK runs an innovative 6-week online programme for anyone aged 14-18 who would like the opportunity to engage with our staff and be challenged to think differently about self-harm. Safe, equipping and empowering. Young people can self-refer and it is completely free of charge.

alumina.selfharm.co.uk | alumina@selfharm.co.uk


SelfharmUK has a variety of in-house and recommended resources available to buy to help equip both those who may be struggling with self-harm as well as professionals and family members.

selfharm.co.uk/get/resources | resources@selfharm.co.uk

Coming soon

SelfharmUK is currently working to develop some practical resources and support for parents.