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Self-harm statistics



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How many people self-harm?

It's almost impossible to say how many young people are self-harming. This is because very few teenagers tell anyone what's going on, so it's incredibly difficult to keep records or have an accurate idea of how many people are struggling. It is thought that around 10% of young people may try and hurt themselves on purpose at some point but the figure could be much higher. Around 90% of young people treated for self-harm in A&E will have taken an overdose, and yet the most preferred method of harming is to cut - what this means is that many, many young people are struggling with self-harm who have not yet come to the attention of health services.

Girls are thought to be more likely to self-harm than boys, but this is because boys are more likely to punch out at walls, which isn't always recognised as self-harm. In reality self-harm doesn't happen to one type of person, it can't be predicted and scarily, we don't really know how many people are going through it. This is all really vague, but you can take one thing away from it - you are not alone, whether you are harming or seeing someone you love or work with go though it. It's more common than you think.